MC Groep

MC Groep is the leading privately-owned operator of general hospitals in the Netherlands. MC Groep currently owns and operates one hospital in Amsterdam and two hospitals and a policlinic in the Province of Flevoland. MC Groep has the ambition to establish a chain of regional general hospitals in the country that benefit from best practices, shared services, and collective procurement of medicines, medical equipment and services.


MC Groep’s mission is to offer high quality basic care in its hospitals, often in partnership with specialized operators that excel in specific disciplines. MC Groep for instance cooperates with leading Dutch specialized clinics in the provision of eye care and cardiology and has been the first hospital in the Netherlands to manage its intensive care unit in cooperation with one of the leading teaching hospitals in the Netherlands.


In 2008 Sequoia founded MC Groep together with Loek Winter for the acquisition of the two hospitals in the Province of Flevoland, which at the time faced substantial operational and financial problems. Since this acquisition, the quality of care has significantly improved, which is reflected in regulatory and peer reviews as well as leading annual hospital surveys (ranked by Elsevier as “one of the four best hospitals” in the Netherlands in 2012 and ranked by Algemeen Dagblad as #10 in its 2012 survey of 100 Dutch hospitals), while financial performance has been strong. During the first quarter of 2014 MC Groep acquired the Slotervaart Ziekenhuis based in Amsterdam, which also faced substantial financial difficulties prior to its acquisition by MC Groep and required substantial restructuring.


MC Groep has successfully turned around these hospitals by improving quality of patient care, streamlining the operations, insourcing various medical disciplines, making substantial investment, and establishing best-practices and synergies amongst its three hospitals.


In 2016 MC Groep’s hospitals generated a total turnover of approximately EUR 221 million, had total assets of EUR 100 million and employed approximately 1,750 staff.   

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