CarbonX is an advanced materials company that in collaboration with the Delft University of Technology invented and developed carbon nanofiber networks (“CNNs”), which is a new synthetic form of pure carbon. 


CNN's are highly ordered carbon atoms that form a three-dimensional porous network, ranging in size between 20-100nm. The crystalline 3D network provides an optimal structure for transfer of electrons, heat or mechanical forces. CNNs are protected by three global patents owned by the company.


CNN's have many exciting product applications in (i) thermoplastic and thermoset composites, (ii) 3D printing, (iii) tires and other elastomers, (iv) coatings, (v) batteries and hydrogen storage, and (vi) water and air purification.


CNN’s aggregate global market opportunity is estimated at US$ 2.5 billion per annum, assuming CNNs can substitute 10% of existing (specialty) carbon or other reinforcement materials, such as glass fibers or silica.



CarbonX currently is planning commercial grade production trials and establishing production partnerships with carbon black companies around the world.



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