CarbonX is an advanced materials company that in collaboration with the Delft University of Technology invented and developed a unique form of carbon that turn fossil fuels into valuable and durable building blocks that make final end products stronger, lower-weight and fully recyclable at a highly competitive cost. CarbonX can also be made from waste products such as pyrolysis oil. 



The unique form of carbon invented by CarbonC consist of highly ordered carbon atoms that form a three-dimensional porous network, ranging in size between 20-100nm. The crystalline 3D network provides an optimal structure for transfer of electrons, heat or mechanical forces. CarbonX's unique form of carbon is protected by a variety of global patents.



CarbonX’s unique form of carbon has many exciting product applications in (i) tires and other rubber goods, (ii) thermoplastic and thermoset composites, (iii) 3D printing, (iv) coatings, (v) batteries and hydrogen storage, and (vi) water and air purification.


CarbonX estimates that the aggregate global market opportunity for its products across these industry sectors amounts to approximately US$ 5 billion of revenues per annum, assuming its products substitute 20% of (specialty) carbon black and various other conductive or reinforcement materials, such as, amongst others, graphite, glass and/or carbon fibers.



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