ASA International

Since its establishment in 2007, ASA International (“ASA International” or the “Company”) has become the largest international microfinance institution in the world. ASA International serves more than 1.6 million clients in twelve countries in Asia and Africa, including the Philippines, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, India, Pakistan, Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda, Nigeria, Ghana and Sierra Leone. 


Almost all of ASA International’s clients are female micro-entrepreneurs who are engaged in a variety of small businesses, ranging from small shops, restaurants, cottage industries to various trading activities. ASA International provides micro-loans to these clients from 1,283 branches based in the communities where our clients live, with an average outstanding loan size ranging of USD 140-150.


ASA International was established in partnership with ASA of Bangladesh, which is widely recognized as the world’s most successful microfinance institution (ranked by Forbes Magazine as the world’s #1 microfinance institution in 2007 and winner of the Financial Times/IFC ‘Banking at the Bottom of the Pyramid” award in 2008). ASA is a not-for-profit institution that serves from approximately 2,900 branches approximately 8 million clients in Bangladesh. ASA distinguishes itself for its highly cost efficient community-based lending model, which has enabled it to make a sustainable return on assets, while offering competitive interest rates to its clients.


ASA provided ASA International on an exclusive basis with, amongst others, the name, operating technology and know-how, senior management, a substantial expatriate workforce, and a proprietary IT platform.


The Company commenced ‘greenfield’ operations in each of its operating countries since 2007. Almost all these country operations are 100% owned and controlled by ASA International and operate as microfinance banks, regulated by the local Central Bank, or lending companies, regulated by the local Securities and Exchange Commission.


As of June 30, 2017, ASA International had total assets of USD 314 million and employed approximately 8,184 staff.   


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