Private Equity Investment

Sequoia invests the firm’s capital in selected private equity investment opportunities in the Netherlands and internationally. Although we leverage our own industry expertise and experience, companies selected for investment by Sequoia generally operate in market niches where we believe more value can be created by small teams of entrepreneurs and fellow shareholders supported if necessary with hands-on financial and operational resources committed by Sequoia.

We believe in sustainable development where investment makes a positive long-term impact on achieving certain development objectives that benefit the world, while simultaneously generating a risk-adjusted, market conform return to investors.

We seek investment opportunities on a continuous basis. Through our experience in creating, developing and managing companies, our knowledge of certain industry sectors, and a wide range of key industry contacts, we often are in an excellent position to immediately following investment enhance company momentum, support and increase its client base, and contribute to product development.

Through our active involvement we believe that we are able to deliver superior long term shareholder value. We are a long-term investor and have no fixed investment horizon.

Sequoia’s existing private equity investment portfolio include, amongst others:

ASA International

Through our investment in CMIMC, the controlling shareholder of Catalyst Microfinance Investors, Sequoia indirectly is the second largest investor and shareholder of ASA International, a major, international microfinance institution serving in excess of 1 million female micro-entrepreneurs in 11 countries in Asia and Africa.

MC Groep

Sequoia is a co-founder and major shareholder of MC Groep, the leading privately-owned hospital group based in the Netherlands, which is dedicated to improving the quality, accessibility and efficiency of the Dutch healthcare sector


Sequoia is the controlling shareholder of CarbonX B.V., a material science, marketing and production company that in collaboration with the Technical University of Delft has developed carbon networks, which is a newly invented, globally patented material made of pure carbon that in combination with a wide range of commonly-used materials, such as polymers (plastics, epoxies) and elastomers (tires, hoses, cables), enhances the key properties of the final end products made of such materials, including, amongst others, importantly its weight.